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We're not just a market research company; we're your growth catalysts. Recognized as the Top Market Research Company in the United States 2023 by Clutch, we blend academic precision with battlefield tactics. Our expertise? Delivering actionable data that won't just sit in your inbox but will propel you forward. We're talking real insights, real strategies, ready to be implemented.

While others hide behind complexity, we believe in transparency and tangible results. They'll give you reports. We give you roadmaps to revenue and growth.

Schaefer Wins Clutch Award Badge for Top Market Research Company in the United States
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Intelligence Meets Impact

Our Unique Approach

Why Schaefer? Because we get it. We've been in the trenches of full-service marketing and revenue generation. We employ sophisticated research methods like conjoints, Van Westendorp, Gabor-Granger, Kano, monadic testing, and beyond, tailored to give you insights that are not just profound but profoundly usable. From Fortune 100 research prowess to guiding new brands towards product-market fit, our experience is as broad as it is deep.

We serve you. You're on the front lines, making the calls that shape the future. We're here to arm you with the insights that ensure those decisions not only hit the mark but redefine it.

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Market Size / Expansion / Acquisition

Market Research

Schaefer breaks down your market size, making complex data simple. We spot the right companies to buy and guide you on whether going global makes sense. Plus, we help pick prime spots for new stores, turning tough decisions into clear choices.

Success Story: Powered a multinational corporation's decision for international expansion with nuanced customer preference and market size insights. Helping them take their incredible products to new markets.

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Schaefer's product research for 3 packaged goods products on laptop
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Online Surveys / Interviews / Conjoints

Product Research

Harness the power of online surveys, conjoint analysis, in-depth interviews, and focus groups, complemented by keen social listening, to uncover what customers truly want and need in your products. We dive deep into discovering product preferences, identifying gaps, and spotlighting missing features that could elevate your offering. This multifaceted approach ensures you're not just meeting the market's demands but leading the way with innovation and insight.

Success Story: Unveiled emerging product line opportunities through extensive surveys and executive interviews, influencing strategy for a billion-dollar player.

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Online Surveys / Interviews / Listening

Customer Research

Dive deep into the minds of your customers, uncovering their purchasing behaviors, attitudes, and preferences through surveys, interviews, and focus groups. We're also digital detectives, listening on social media to catch unfiltered opinions and trends. It's all about getting you the insider info, so you can tailor your strategies to fit exactly what your customers want and need.

Success Story: Transformed customer understanding for a rapidly growing home goods company, steering product and marketing strategies with unmatched consumer insights. We used online surveys and social listening.

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Pricing research on a laptop
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Monitoring / Online Surveys / Interviews

Pricing Research

Zero in on what your customers are willing to pay, combining online surveys, in-depth interviews, focus groups, and continuous price monitoring. We leverage advanced techniques like Van Westendorp's Price Sensitivity Meter and Gabor-Granger analysis to pinpoint the sweet spot for your pricing strategy. This approach ensures you understand pricing preferences inside out, helping you set prices that attract buyers while maximizing profitability.

Success Story: Multi-location bakery discovered their pricing was too low for their current customer base and added 23% to their most popular items.

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Online Surveys / Monitoring / Interviews

Brand Research

Tap into the heart of your market, using online surveys, ongoing brand monitoring, and dynamic interviews and focus groups. We dive deep to uncover the true affinity customers have for your brand, identifying new opportunities for growth and areas for strategic enhancement. This insight-driven approach illuminates the path to strengthening your brand's position and exploring untapped market potential.

Success Story: New, well-funded competitors moved into an established industry, we helped the incumbent understand changing brand preferences and reverse market slippage.

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Competitor research on a laptop using the Disruptive Threat Index™
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Disruptive Threat Index™ / Online Surveys / Interviews

Competitive Research

Microscopic look at your rivals, combining traditional methods with our unique Disruptive Threat Index™. This proprietary process specifically targets emerging companies, products, and technologies, offering a forward-looking perspective on potential market disruptors. By understanding the competitive landscape and anticipating shifts, you're equipped to navigate challenges and seize opportunities with confidence.

Success Story: Guided a Fortune 500 retailer towards innovation and acquisition strategies with a groundbreaking disruptive index. Helping them know where to put their attention.

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Ad Pretesting / UX Testing / Message Testing

Ad & Creative Research

Go beyond the surface, delving into ad pretesting, messaging clarity, believability, memorability, plus design and UX testing. We don't just tell you if your ads are working; we uncover the 'why' behind their performance, identifying the key drivers that can be scaled or need tweaking. This deep dive approach ensures your campaigns resonate with your audience, optimizing for impact and effectiveness.

Success Story: Brand manager for a premium food product needed to know why a shopper marketing campaign wasn't working -- and fast. We got feedback in 24 hours which identified fixable gaps in clarity and value from real customers.

Mobile ad on phone held in hand for Ad Testing and Research.

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