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Engaging an agency for sales and marketing should be as easy as getting a haircut. Describe your desired results, and we'll ensure they're achieved. Our job isn't done until your KPIs are reached and the strategy delivers.
Champions of Better

Our Mission

We're here to make things better. As a company focused on helping businesses grow, our main goal is to be "champions of better." That means we work hard to make sure everything we do helps our clients do their best and reach their biggest dreams.
We believe everyone can be a "champion of better." No matter where you start, with passion, dedication, and teamwork, we all have the power to elevate, inspire, and make a difference in our world.
What we Stand For

Our Values

Do right, not be right.

Our stewardship for the client informs every recommendation and decision we make. We don’t entertain big egos, and if it doesn’t serve the client’s needs, we don’t do it. Emotional intelligence is currency.

In it together.

We have each other’s backs; celebrating the wins and supporting each other through challenges.

At home.

We’re comfortable with each other and ourselves. We aren’t performers and we don’t ask others to be.

Always looking.

Driven to find a better way, a better answer. We have the courage and humility to think critically, vet all ideas and make no assumptions. Proactive, attentive, willing to do hard things, ask hard questions or give hard answers. Delighted to learn, develop our skills and interests, and at times, find out we’re wrong.

Too many businesses waste time, money, and energy on lead generation & sales with limited results.

They aren’t tracking the right data points, ROI, or thinking about how to generate new revenue streams. Surprisingly, some of these businesses are big brands.

How do we know? We’ve worked for them. Watching leaders make unsupported business decisions and spend money without results is the reason we’re here today.

Schaefer launched into the agency world with a commitment to giving business the benefits of a consultant’s mindset and a marketer’s point of view.
Simply put, we want you to see a return on every cent of your budget. We also want you to think about other ways your business could drive revenue.

While agencies will tell you they’re driven by data, most aren’t as meticulous as we are. Schaefer analyzes data at every step and pivots. Fast.

There is a proven equation for growth and scalability, and we want to give it to you.

Sidnee Schaefer

Meet the experts

Our Team

We are a team of experts striving to deliver the absolute best for our clients. We’re transparent and data-focused. Our team includes marketers, revenue strategists, analysts, designers, brand strategists, conversion specialists, paid media buyers, and content creators. Each team is cross-functional with a strategist, analyst, and specialists.


Meet the Partners

Schaefer is led by experienced growth-experts who have hands-on leadership at the fastest growing private companies (4x Inc 5000), founder & CEO of exponential-growth startup, and head of growth & strategy at a Fortune 1000 enterprise. In-house roles in sales & marketing organizations bring a unique understanding of client needs.

Sidnee Schaefer

Chief Executive Officer | FOUNDER
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Seth Waite

Chief Revenue Officer | Partner
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