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Hiring a market research agency should be straightforward, like getting a haircut. Tell us what decisions you're trying to make, and we'll deliver. We're not satisfied until your questions are answered and your strategy is data-driven.
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Smarter Insights

Schaefer's seasoned research experts deliver actionable insights tailored to your needs. We offer top-quality market research without the big-name price tag and disappointment. Whether you're optimizing products, analyzing competitors, or preparing an acquisition, our boutique research firm will deliver big results.

"Schaefer clinches both Global and United States Top Market Research Company Awards from Clutch, marking a milestone in industry excellence"

Clutch Announcement
Top Market Research Company in the United States 2023 Award from Clutch
Meet the experts

Our Market Research Services

We are a team of experts striving to deliver the absolute best for our clients. We’re transparent and data-focused. Our team includes marketers, revenue strategists, analysts, designers, brand strategists, conversion specialists, paid media buyers, and content creators. Each team is cross-functional with a strategist, analyst, and specialists.

What Makes Schaefer Different?

Why Choose Schaefer?


Boutique Pricing

Schaefer offers boutique pricing that packs a punch, delivering the capabilities of a large firm without the hefty price tag. Our value-driven approach gives you access to top-tier market research services while respecting your budget.


Unique-Ownable Data

Schaefer specializes in crafting market research that generates unique, ownable data, turning information into a valuable asset for your business. This proprietary data sets you apart, fueling your growth with insights no one else has.


Observations to Strategies

Schaefer takes a full-spectrum approach to market research, not only providing the tools to gather valuable data but also the strategies that guide the research from conception to execution. What sets us apart is our expertise in translating those research insights into actionable business strategies.


Always Looking

Driven to find a better way, a better answer. We have the courage and humility to think critically, vet all ideas and make no assumptions. Proactive, attentive, willing to do hard things, ask hard questions or give hard answers. Delighted to learn, develop our skills and interests, and at times, find out we’re wrong.

Too many businesses waste time, money, and energy on mediocre market research.

I've been in the trenches of marketing research  can't emphasize enough the importance of quality research in steering a business toward success.

Unfortunately, I've seen too many businesses pour substantial resources—both financial and human—into mediocre market research efforts. These initiatives often yield insignificant or, worse, misleading insights, causing companies to miss out on valuable opportunities or make poor strategic decisions.
At Schaefer, we're on a mission to change that narrative.

We believe effective market research is not just a box to check off; it's an investment in the future success of your business. Our approach to market research goes beyond simple data collection; we start with the right questions and a carefully crafted strategy. We don't leave it to you to figure out; our seasoned experts guide you through the entire process, from inception to actionable insights.

Sidnee Schaefer

One-of-a-Kind, Yet Versatile

Research + Revenue Generation

Imagine having a constant stream of fresh, unique data to power your inbound marketing and outbound sales efforts. Our consumer surveys turn into studies that provide this valuable resource. Create content with a perspective no one else has, giving you a unique voice in your industry.

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