Crafting Can Magic: Lost 40's Linocut Legacy Elevated with Three New Packaging Designs

Lost Forty

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Lost Forty

Lost Forty Brewing is a production craft microbrewery in the heart of downtown Little Rock, Arkansas. They aim to craft beers as wild, unwavering and uniquely Arkansas as the storied forest from which we take our name.

Lost Forty Brewing is deeply rooted in Arkansas. Taking their name from the historic, storied forest that stands on 40 acres of Arkansas's last truly virgin soil in Calhoun County. Lost Forty, both the forest and the brewery, is part tall tale, a little bit of hearsay, a lot of history, a few facts, a big cast of characters and completely Arkansas.

How We've Helped

Packaging Design & Illustration

Our designers collaborated with Lost 40 to craft captivating beverage can designs for their new packaging. For "Blackberry Bramble," we integrated a unique bird illustration into a pink/purple backdrop, ensuring the thorns wrapped seamlessly around the can without repetition. "Easy Tiger" boasts a striking Austin, Texas-inspired tiger design with midwest tattoo-style flora and vibrant orange and pink tones. Meanwhile, "Folks beer" allowed us to incorporate the scenic Arkansas rice fields into the design, blending a budget-friendly appearance with local craft beer vibes, while maintaining a consistent linocut style.

The Challenge

Reimagining Brand Continuity: The Lost 40 Challenge

Faced with the challenge of retaining Lost 40's iconic linocut designs—a staple in Arkansas—we sought to seamlessly integrate these familiar graphics while breathing fresh life into their new packaging. Ensuring brand consistency, we innovatively adapted the linocut elements to create standout designs that both resonate with long-time customers and attract new eyes. The result? A harmonious blend of tradition and modernity.

The Result

Unveiling Tradition: The Lost 40 Triumph

With our designer's expert touch, Lost 40's reimagined packaging became an instant hit in Arkansas. By seamlessly blending the cherished linocut designs with fresh, innovative elements, the cans not only retained their local resonance but also garnered new attention. The updated design strategy boosted shelf appeal, driving increased sales and solidifying Lost 40's esteemed position in the market. Cheers to a blend of heritage and forward-thinking design!

Blackberry Bramble: A vivid fusion of pink and purple hues sets the stage for this beverage, with a distinct bird illustration as its centerpiece. The design, wrapped around the curvature of the can, uniquely features intertwining thorns that neither repeat nor overshadow the logo, offering a visual delight that stands out on the shelves.

Easy Tiger: Channeling the spirit of Austin, Texas, this drink bursts onto the scene with an eye-catching orange and pink palette. The Midwest tattoo-inspired tiger, set against a moonlit backdrop, is complemented by vertical type treatment and intricate floral designs, ensuring it captures the essence of Austin while standing out from the crowd.

Folks Beer: Embodying the heart and soul of Arkansas, this brew pays homage to the state's scenic rice fields. Designed to feel both affordable and artisanal, the can art incorporates the natural steel look, giving it a rustic touch. With a non-repeating, all-encompassing illustration in linocut style, it exudes the aura of a locally crafted, easy-drinking beer.


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