Improving NPS Through Email Marketing for an Enterprise Contacts Brand

Hubble Contacts

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Daily Purchases Increase




Email Open Rate Increase

Key Platforms

Klaviyo (Automated Emails)

Sendgrid (Transactional Emails)


Hubble Contacts

Hubble Contacts is a subscription ecommerce brand that sells its own brand of daily disposable contact lenses directly to consumers, focusing on customer service and lens technology. 

How We've Helped

Increasing Daily Purchases from Email by 60%

Hubble was ready to build a more robust email marketing strategy, so the Schaefer Digital team was tasked with auditing any existing trigger emails and flows, along with strategizing to create new and consistent marketing emails.

We overhauled Hubble’s transactional and marketing emails with the goal of improving their net promoter score as well as driving more purchases. Schaefer Digital developed content for these emails and implemented them.

Schaefer Digital implemented important transactional emails and helped Hubble engage their audience more often through automated marketing emails. This increased daily purchases from email by over 60%.

The Challenge

Transactional and Marketing Email Overhaul

The project required the analysis and capture of hundreds of automated marketing and transactional emails that predated the new marketing team. The Schaefer Digital team strategized ways to improve what was already there and brainstorm new emails.

We started with a deep dive into various ESPs to discover which best fit Hubble’s needs. Sendgrid was chosen because it allowed for more freedom technically. We decided on Sendgrid because it was the best for their technical needs. We then created 12 new emails, including a new Welcome Flow. We also developed new monthly marketing emails, so Hubble could engage its list with fun and new content.

The Result

An Immediate Improvement

The new welcome flow had strong open rates that beat out e-commerce averages. The Hubble team noticed that net promoter scores (NPS) were increasing significantly as the emails got potential customers closer to the brand and gave needed clarity to existing customers. 

The email overhaul helped Hubble implement a new customer-first initiative and we saw immediate results with improved customer satisfaction, email engagement, and purchases driven from emails.

  • Improved NPS, substantially, YoY by designing and implementing a transactional email strategy to retain more customers .
  • Developed an email marketing and newsletter strategy that increased daily purchases by 60%.
  • Created a new welcome email flow that had an open rate above industry benchmarks and prior Hubble emails.


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