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Handled changed moving for the better. Handled allowed customers to get instant guaranteed pricing for local moves, book top-rated moving professionals, and create an automatic Home Inventory without an appointment. Handled combines outstanding customer service, smart tools, and unmatched flexibility to curate an exceptional moving experience.

How We've Helped

Creating and Executing a Marketing Strategy for Scale

The Schaefer team created a multi-channel, geo-targeted digital strategy using tactics that would scale as Handled grew. Channels were chosen that could produce high returns on a fixed marketing budget, which shrank as each new market was added. Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads were used as primary lead sources. 

Lead sources were broken out by stage of the marketing funnel. For Awareness, Google Display Ads and Facebook Traffic Ads targeted people likely to move. A combination of Google Search ads, Bing Search Ads, and Facebook Lead Ads drove interest for people actively searching for moving providers. Facebook Retargeting Ads and Google Remarketing Lists for Search Ads were used to retarget people that had visited the Handled website but had not gotten a price. 

All of these tactics combined for a Halo effect, so Handled reaped the benefits of appearing everywhere a potential customer might be. Schaefer also created dynamic landing pages with content and keywords that changed based on the market and ad text. This improved ad message match and overall conversion as visitors saw content that reflected the ad copy they had clicked on.

The Challenge

Scaling Leads for Over 200 Markets

Handled was a month away from launching the brand to the public for the first time. The challenge was to create brand awareness and drive leads for a brand that had zero brand recognition, in the highly competitive moving industry. Schaefer had to focus on increasing return as Handled scaled from six markets to over 200 markets in the year 2020. 

The Result

1000x Lead Volume on a Fixed Marketing Budget

Handled’s leads increased over 1000x within a 7-month period and a cost per lead below the industry average of $50, all while adding 10-15 markets every month and utilizing a static marketing budget. 

The number of website sessions also increased by 4x month over month. Direct and Organic traffic increased at a similar rate, which indicated a consistent increase in brand awareness.

*Note: Handled was acquired in late 2021


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