Driving New Memberships for a Multi-Location Gym

Fitness One

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Conversion Rate

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Fitness One

FitnessOne is a multi-location Arkansas-based gym company that caters to local communities boasting clean, easily accessible facilities that include daycare and an indoor pool.

How We've Helped

Optimizing Conversion (Lead) Rate

The Schaefer team was tasked with creating a strategy to drive new members to its Fayetteville and Lowell locations. We took their “3-day free pass” trial offer and used it across Google Ads and Facebook Ads to increase lead volume. 

A dynamic landing page was implemented that changed based on the person’s search or audience profile. This page was the first step to optimizing conversion rate. 

The biggest improvement to conversion rate occurred after switching from a traditional ad to landing page approach on Facebook Ads. Changing to lead form ads that captured leads directly on Facebook instead of on the landing page led to a CPL of over 70%, less than $30 per lead.

The Challenge

Decreasing Cost Per Lead

Our team used Google search campaigns to raise awareness of Fitness One within the Northwest Arkansas community and drive high-intent traffic to take advantage of the free trial offer.  

Facebook Ads was a challenge as the geographic area was small and the cost per impression was very high. Lead ads allowed us to scale the campaigns because the traffic cost was lower.

The Result

A Lower CPL & Scalable Campaigns

Fitness One now has options for scaling customer acquisition activities as cost efficient leads come from both Google and Facebook.

  • Improved lead volume by 3x
  • 13% conversion rate
  • Less than $20 CPL


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