Exceeded Beta Sign Up Goal by 500% For Family App


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FamilyWorks is an app that provides families with the tools they need to succeed through goal setting, communication, and coaching.

How We've Helped

Hitting Sign Up Goals in 30 days or less

With the goal of 200 sign-ups in 30 days, our challenge was to generate awareness and sign-ups for an app that didn’t exist yet at a cost below $5.00 per sign-up.  

To do this, we conducted extensive audience research and created a plan to target parents using Facebook/Instagram ads. Channels were chosen to produce the highest return on a fixed budget.

The Challenge

Generating the Highest Sign Up Volume on a Fixed Marketing Budget

Sign ups were achieved by leveraging Facebook/Instagram demographic and custom audience targeting while also retargeting users who had indicated an interest in the app by encouraging them to revisit the site and sign up for the beta launch. 

The Result

By optimizing audience engagement, targeting, and rotating new creative, FamilyWorks saw the number of beta signups crush their goal.

  • Drove over 1,000 beta signups at $3.25 per signup
  • 40% conversion rate 
  • 3x traffic growth


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