104% Increase in Purchase Volume for Bone Broth Brand

Bone Brewhouse

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Bone Brewhouse

Bone Brewhouse is a CPG bone broth brand founded with the goal of delivering variety and great-tasting flavors. All of its bone broth flavors contain natural ingredients, have no preservatives, undergo minimal processing, and contain no antibiotics or hormones.

How We've Helped

Expanding from Canada to the USA

Bone Brewhouse aimed to expand from Canada to the USA and establish its direct-to-consumer business through its own website. Additionally, they wanted to migrate their site to Shopify for both the USA and Canada.

We collaborated with our partner, Candela, to facilitate the Shopify migration while developing the go-to-market strategy for the USA. The invaluable aspect of starting with a great brand with a strong buying history in Canada was that we had access to audience information and data to work with.

Our strategy utilized a combination of awareness ads on Facebook and direct response (warmer traffic) on Google Ads. We recognized that building consistency in purchase volume would require time and patience from both teams.

The Challenge

Drive Consistent Purchases while Decreasing CPA on a Fixed Budget

Our challenge was to improve the current performance in Canada and launch marketing efforts in the USA, where Bone Brewhouse had no brand awareness, while maintaining a consistent conversion rate/CPA on a fixed advertising budget.

To optimize wasted spend in Google Ads, we eliminated underperforming search terms for Canada and used the best-performing ones as a starting point for the US. The most significant area of improvement was in the copy and creative for Facebook Ads. As we tested and iterated, particularly with audiences, we observed substantial enhancements in CPA. We also recommended several enhancements to the Shopify checkout flow to boost the checkout rate.

The Result

Beating All Growth Goals

The results were not only consistent, but we hit each one of our goals. From month 1 to 5, we decreased the cost per purchase (CPA) by 50%, total purchases (both countries) by 103%, and the number of purchases in the USA increased by 165%.

Conversion rate increased by 2x or 109%, which was driven by checkout flow improvements and reaching the right audience.


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